Barnaholitics! The Official Barnstorming and Alcoholitics Crossover Episode (s3e41)

Welcome to the BarnstormingPA/Alcoholitics crossover episode! It’s finally happened. Taylor, Jess Britain, and Sam Pearson welcome Terrayne Myricks from Alcoholitics. After much introduction banter and fun, they have do rant headlines. Jess rants about Harrisburg Republicans meeting with Kansas Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach about election issues. Terrayne rants about the phrase “this is not who we are” — he needs to stop hearing it because this is exactly who we are. Sam rants about our collective inability to learn things and our need for ‘nonsense immunity.’ Taylor rants about the continued self-marginalization of certain factions of the GOP. Next, we go through a bracket game Taylor and his parents created called Trump’s madness. In the midst of all this — Jordi joins us from the hospital a few hours after his gallbladder surgery! Lastly, we have a quick chat about student loan debt cancellation.

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Kobach meets with Harrisburg Republicans

Mike Truzai says that Voter ID will help Romney win PA.

Aspirational Fascism: The Struggle for Multifaceted Democracy under Trumpism

Cool piece from The Argument on canceling student loan debt.

Here’s our J6 podcast that we talk about at the end.

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