A Sociology of Fracking in Pennsylvania with Colin Jerolmack (s4e12)

On this episode, Jordi and Taylor interview Colin Jerolmack, author of ‘Up To Heaven And Down To Hell: Fracking, Freedom, and Community In An American Town’. This book examines the sociology of fracking in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, artfully telling this story through a mix of personal biographies and social theory.

Jordi and Taylor begin by asking Colin to tell us a bit about Williamsport and why, in this case, past is prologue. They spend the majority of the podcast talking about the stories that complicate our perspective of what happened. Why did a well-to-do environmentalist end up deciding to lease their land? Why did someone who felt an almost moral obligation to lease their land end up regretting this? Jordi, Taylor, and Colin close out the conversation by talking about the book in the context of national politics. How did the dynamics partisan politics play into the dynamics of fracking? What is the antidote to the nationalization of local politics? How can activists and organizers be more effective? What can people that work for fossil fuel companies learn from the book?

This episode was sponsored by Mondragón Books! You can buy books online at: https://bookshop.org/shop/mondragon

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