100 hours of work a week and standing in line for food. One year into the pandemic with Home Health Care Worker with Hillary Rothrock, Sam, and Dwayne. (s3e38)

We mark a year since the pandemic began wit special guest Hillary Rothrock, a home healthcare worker, union leader, single mom, and excellent guest. She recently led a “Fast for $15” with other comrades to draw attention to how our most “essential workers” are shockingly horribly underpaid. Twitter #Fastfor15 (https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/video/5368692-caregivers-asking-lawmakers-to-increase-minimum-wage-end-48-hour-fast/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/fastfor15?src=hashtag_click&f=live)

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Mural painted by by Brian Gonnella, Jerome Charles, Dom DeNuzzio, and Max Gonzales. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGYkeIqhXRn/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


03:50 Hillary Intro and Fast for $15
12:40 Standing in food lines while working full time
19:10 Budgets, what we value, and moral documents
24:45 Glove prices and price gouging and the intersection of gender and class in lifespheres within capitalism.
31:20 When did the pandemic “start”?
32:30 Hillary’s bat!
40:30 Panics about shortages and disaster movie tropes one year ago
46:00 What happened this year that wasn’t expected?
55:50 Keeping it real about bubbles, privilege, and the pandemic
1:07:55 What should or will never change

1:28 “The Earth has a nasty skin condition. Called Asphalt.” Sam
38:32 “There were times I was working a 100 hours a week” Hillary about her bat.
39:45 “I was ambivalent about the world going off a cliff” Sam
40:40 “Are we going to have enough toilet paper” About the shortage panics one year ago.
43:25 “It’s the long emergency” Sam
46:25 “I wasn’t expecting my friends to no longer want to be my friend.” Hillary
51:15 “I have not been relaxed about corona virus” Sam
54:05 “I don’t want you to die. So stop poiticizing this” Jordi
58:30 “What we can do with our privilege now is to go to our lawmakers.” Hillary
1:10:15 Strawbales everywhere! Jordi
1:12:20 “I hope they don’t go back to sleep, all the people who have been advocating.” Hillary
113:25 “Do people know dogs are peeing on the bales of hay?” jordi

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