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The Worst Crudité I Ever Had (s4e26)

Terryane Myricks, Jenna Henry, Jordi Comas, and Taylor Lightman are back recording after a nice summer break. They begin with some show and tell about summer break then discuss...

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Welcome to Barnstorming PA!

We started in 2017 wanting to capture the conversations of people deeply engaged in social change, politics, and living, and the intersection between all three. Since then, we have honed artisanal podcasting: it’s accessible, fun, and meaningful.

We make the space so our co-creators can develop new ideas, build bridges, expand perceptions of what is possible, and bolster strategic messaging capacity in Pennsylvania and beyond.

On this site, we feature our most recent and favorite podcasts. Our entire back catalogue is available through Patreon — support us with a monthly plan!

“. . . building the movement one pod at a time . . .”

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Stacy Richards Two Years On (s4e18)

We welcome back Stacy Richards, Union County Commissioner, to check in about rural news and updates.  Long time friend, Stacy shares her insights and perspectives on the steady work...

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Does The State of The Union Still Matter? (s4e17)

This is a question about the SOTU in general and this year. Do you remember Biden’s from March 1, 2022? Did it change the political landscape? Does it ever?...

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Malcolm Kenyatta for Senate Interview– “Don’t wait on your neighbor because your neighbor may be waiting on you.” (s4e16)

“Don’t wait on your neighbor because your neighbor may be waiting on you.” Malcolm Kenyatta ( discusses his vision for a politics that heals a broken social contract with...

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Derek Slaughter, Mayor of Willliamsport, Two Years in with KJ Williams; “I’m Not Kicking this Can Down the Road” Policing, recreation, ARPA, becoming a change agent (s4e15)

We welcome back Mayor Derek Slaughter ( of WIlliamsport two years after his sea-change victory to become the first African-American mayor, as well as a major shift from an...

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J6 2022: F%&! White Supremacy Revisited Becomes a Rallying Call For Now(s4e13)

Jordi and Taylor are joined by Jenna Henry from Better PA and Dwayne Heisler from SEIU to do a J6 retrospective. They begin by talking about how their feelings...

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A Sociology of Fracking in Pennsylvania with Colin Jerolmack (s4e12)

On this episode, Jordi and Taylor interview Colin Jerolmack, author of ‘Up To Heaven And Down To Hell: Fracking, Freedom, and Community In An American Town’. This book examines...

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