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Straight Ahead- Prison Reform Badly Needed in PA- Interview With David Garlock and Tyree Little (s4e11)

Ahead of a public forum in Williamsport on Saturday, Nov 3 at 1 in Brandon Park, Jordi was honored to have David Garlock ( and Tyree Little of the...

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Welcome to Barnstorming PA!

We started in 2017 wanting to capture the conversations of people deeply engaged in social change, politics, and living, and the intersection between all three. Since then, we have honed artisanal podcasting: it’s accessible, fun, and meaningful.

We make the space so our co-creators can develop new ideas, build bridges, expand perceptions of what is possible, and bolster strategic messaging capacity in Pennsylvania and beyond.

On this site, we feature our most recent and favorite podcasts. Our entire back catalogue is available through Patreon — support us with a monthly plan!

“. . . building the movement one pod at a time . . .”

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Judge David Spurgeon for Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (s4e1)

Welcome to Season 4! We start the season off by interviewing Judge David Spurgeon who is currently running for Commonwealth Court. We begin the interview by talking about his...

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Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court (s4e5)

Judge Lori Dumas ( is running for the PA Commonwealth Court, one of the three major courts in PA (with Superior- parallel to Commonwealth and Superior- the highest). We...

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Judge Timika Lane for PA Superior Court Vote NOV 2! (s4e4)

This is Why Courts Matter! We get to elect our highest justices in PA. Judge Lane is the ONLY candidate for superior court who has, ya know, been a...

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Judge Maria McLaughlin for Pennsylvania Supreme Court (s4e3)

Judge Maria McLaughlin hops on the pod for an interview about her candidacy for PA Supreme Court! The conversation begins topically about cheesesteaks and quickly gets into the importance...

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“The System is Silently Begging For Us to Step Up…” HUB Summit Preview

Ideal for grassroots leaders, engaged citizens and newly aroused, angry people. Come to learn how to build people power or sustain and nurture your group (two tracks). Title is...

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