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Nuance Isn’t A Slogan (s2e27)

Sam Pearson and Jordi Comas are joined by Dwayne Heisler and Jimmy Sabatino. They first discuss Jimmy’s run for township supervisor in Butler Township. They then discuss the results of the PA85 Special Election and lessons learned from that race — how do progressive’s run and win in central and NEPA? Lastly, they discuss their...

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A Tale of Two Letters (s2e26)

Jordi and Taylor play ‘Hold On A Sec.’ with the letters to the Editor from the August 13th Daily Item.

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Clair Moyer: Running Against the Smoke-Filled Room (s2e25)

We sat down with Clair Moyer, who’s running as an Independent write-in candidate for the PA-85 Special Election on August 20th. Check out his website at www.2ceme.com

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Coffee With The Candidates (s2e24)

Here is the audio for the Coffee with the Candidates hosted by the League of Women Voters and the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce. The event allowed Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay and David Rowe to contrast their vision for the future of PA’s 85th district.  This was the first candidate event jointly hosted by the League...

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Quick! Let’s Make Progressivepalooza! (S2e23)

This is a gem! Taylor and Jordi are joined by Firefly hosts Dwayne Heisler and Jess Steward Brittain after another amazing Columbia County Indivisible meeting. Laura Quick, former and future candidate for Congress join us to share her experiences running and to talk about the splendid idea of Progressiveapalooza- a gathering for rural PA, the...

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A Civic Day In Lewisburg (s2e22)

After the Market St. Corridor Study Preliminary data presentation and the Green New Deal Townhall, Sam Pearson, Jordi Comas, and Taylor Lightman get together for scotch and discussion!

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Gen Z and The Womens’ March- Wilkes U Students S2 E21

Jordi went to Wilkes-Barre for the Womens’ March sister march organized by Action Together NEPA. He met this band of engaged and vivacious Wilkes U students who met up with him later to discuss the march, campus politics, their hopes and dreams, race, class, and several good laughs. You can feel the hope.

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2020 Democratic Presidential Primary & Policy Bracket (s2e20)

Jordi and Taylor play a unique bracket game pitting different 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates against up-and-coming Democratic policy idea’s. Madness ensues in the Sangria episode.

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Midterm Madness Pt. 1 (s2e18)

Jordi and Taylor finally publish our final midterm analysis episode. With a 24-hour news cycle, we realize the midterms were +1000 news cycles ago, but we think it’s important to revisit and reanalyze our midterm victories and defeats with an eye towards 2019 and 2020 elections. The picture is courtesy of Nick Field from the...

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Marc Friedenberg Interview — It’s a Special Election (s2e17)

Join us for a rebroadcast of an earlier interview with Marc Friedenberg. At the time, he was running for the Democratic nomination for PA-12. Now he’s running in a special election for that same district. Feel free to learn more about his candidacy on his website: marcforpa.com

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Mid-term recap part 2

We recap the PA 2018 election including Wolf and Fetterman winning the governor race, Sen Casey winning re-election, and congressional races. NY Times recap. Thanks to Billy Kelly for our music!

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Interview with Sarah Donnelly (s2e15)

Taylor and Jordi interview Sarah Donnelly who’s running for State Rep. in the 107th.  Check out her website here: https://donnellyforpa107.com/

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Interview with Airneezer Page (s2e14)

Taylor sits down with Airneezer Page, who is running for PA State House in District 83.  Check out more on her candidacy here: www.page4pa83.com

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GOTMFV Pre-election snippets 2018 (s2e13)

This episode is snippets of an interview with Dwyane and Taylor with a little bit of Taylor monologue (and Taylor playing the banjo for the first time in pod history!).

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GOTV is Occupational Therapy for Democracy. And the Sidious Horizon. (s2e12)

The astoundingly tall and articulate Bill Haynos joins Sam and Jordi for a discussion of GOTV and canvassing. Bill brought some Singlecut beer for us to enjoy.  We discuss the NPR article discussing the likelihood of a record turn-out in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  A weird tangent about frog metaphors gets us to the idea of...

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Drive For Five “Making East Buffalo Stronger” — Interview with Jim and Tina (S2E11)

Taylor Lightman sits down with Jim Buck and Tina Prowant to discuss the Drive For Five, a ballot referendum in East Buffalo Township, Union County, Pennsylvania that asks voters if they would like to add two additional township supervisors to the board.  They discuss why they are all involved in a push for 5 supervisors,...

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Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay vs. Representative Fred Keller – Post-Debate “Good at not saying words…” (s2e10)

Chris Martine, professor biology and creator of the AMAZING “Plants are Cool, Too!” on YouTube joins regular Jordi Comas as we reflect on the debate between incumbent Fred Keller and challenger Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay.  Both are running to represent the 8th district of the PA house.  While Fred Keller likes to claim that they had...

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Crazy.Middle-Class.Whites. Plus Education with Abe Feuerstein

Sam and Jordi are joined by FoP (Friend of the Podcast) Abe Feuerstein, Professor of Education at Bucknell University.  We talk for awhile about our kids in college, about recent primaries in Florida, a horrid ad by Republican Nominee Ron DeSantis, and education funding, especially in PA.  This includes a discussion about progress in the...

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Mama Bear Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay is for Healing our Valley and Protecting our People Valley S2e8

“Running Whole-Assed All the Way to the Finish Line” may be a good attitude even if it, sadly isn’t Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay’s campaign for her 2018 run for the PA-85.In her words “Running isn’t something I want to do, but feel compelled to do.” “They see her as a hero” says campaign manager and former...

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Trailblazing in Blossburg S2e7

Taylor and Jordi traveled to Blossburg PA in Tioga County to meet Leslie Danks Burke, Shane Nickerson, and Josh Marshall.  We had a nice lunch at 242 Coffee Company. Want to run for local office?  Check out TrailblazersPAc’s resources. Show Notes TrailblazersPAC 2017 annual report NPR reporting Blossburg 242 Shane Nickerson

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“I’m all about Queer Liberation, not Rainbow Capitalism.” s2e6

Sam Terry of the Human Rights Campaign sat down with Jordi and Will at DemFest at Knoebel’s (Taylor pops up later) to talk about his work on queer or LGBTQA+ rights; the NDO in Lewisburg; Gov Wolf’s LGBTQ commission; PA Congressional races including Matt Cartwright in Sam’s part of the state (PA-17 around Wilkes-Barre); and...

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“The Biggest Gathering of Snowplows. Ever.”

“My inner saboteurs are unionized.” [Jordi]  This is a special pod. Brought to you by Mondragon Books. For the FIRST TIME Ever, all of the co-hosts of Lightning Bug and BarnstormingPA get together for a good-bye podcast for Taylor Lightman, co-founder and co-host of BarnstormingPA who is headed for Sweden.  Will Hayes, our smashingly handsome and...

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Inside a Rural Democratic Campagin: A Conversation with Denny Wolff’s (for PA 9) manager, Keith Pemrick

Taylor and Jordi hit the road again to travel to Bloomsburg (the only town in PA) to interview Keith Pemrick.  Keith is a gregarious, generous soul who shared insights about Denny Wolff’s campaign, lobbying, the difference between running and governing, and some great stories about his life working for Tim Holden, former PA congress member. ...

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July 4th and a Chat with Young People (S2e2)

Jordi is joined by Jane Jordan and Henry Harrison, our summer interns, and also Elijah X Comas.  We discuss the 4th of July and it’s meaning, early memories of politicization, and some other fun stuff. This episode is edited by Henry Harrison.

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John Fetterman For Lt Governor- His “No Label” Approach, Fighting for what is Right, and Sheetz v Wawa (S2.1)

At Demfest, the North Central Caucus of the PA Democratic Party, we enjoyed a long sit-down with John Fetterman, candidate for Lt. Governor. Make sure you register to vote! John and our crew sat down by a lovely creek and covered this time in our politics, the weirdness for John of being attacked from the...

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Crystal Balls, Crumhorns, and Coalition Fallout (ep40)

We start with a discussion of what the changes at Wellstone Action mean for organizing, conversations about justice, and coalition-building.  Dwayne “Spyke” shows us his wicked renaissance instrument collection including the Crumhorn, and we offer up some predictions about the PA Primaries for state-wide and also the 12th and 9th congressional primaries.Our opinions are our...

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Williamsport Debate PA 12th (ep36)

THis episode took awhile to construct.  We had some audio problems with the debate portion.  Taylor and I ventured up to Williamsport, the second largest city in the 12th to hear Judy Herschel and Marc Freidenberg debate at an event organized by the Lycoming County Progressives! This episode starts with our post-debate chat on the...

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Marc Friedenberg and the Road to Congress (ep 37)

Marc joins Jordi and Cyndy Peltier to discuss his open, unedited style of campaigning, his background in technology and law, running in the expansive 12th, Medicare for all, and his feelings about Harry Potter.  Marc is a pure populist building on the themes and issues of the Bernie Sanders campaign and all the other great...

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