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“I chose to assume you are not insulting me…” Nathan Alan Lund and Josh Brady (S3e2.5)

Jordi found this “lost” episode in his archives. Recorded 24 hours before the first COVID in a fine establishment in the “gaybeighorhood” of Philly, campaign consultants and partners Josh Brady and Nathan Alan Lund were gracious enough to let Jordi interview them even as he made some barbed comments about “campaign operatives.” Both are long-time...

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COVID: Worst Log Flume Ever (s3e22)

Jordi, Sam, Dwayne, and Taylor give their weekly headlines then have a lively conversation about the erosion of our Democracy at the hands of Republican politicians unable to stand up to Trump and the brownshirts rallying in DC and elsewhere. Next, we talk about how we can use better COVID messaging to reach people that...

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It’s Not A Disaster, It’s A Crime Scene or Innumeracy Reigns (s3e21)

Taylor, Sam, Dwayne, and Jordi chat about the situation with COVID-19 and how you can help by downloading PA’s COVID Alert App. Next, we talked entirely too much about a bad joke made by a local right-wing elected official. We analyzed the joke and briefly talked about how we can navigate degrading remarks about other...

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Doug Mastriano, the Rambo-Fantasizing, Science-Denying, Freeloader (s3e20)

The crew (Taylor, Jordi, Dwayne, and Sam) give their headlines of the week and then talk about Sen. Doug Mastriano, PA’s foremost COVID denier and his recent COVID positive-test. We brainstorm about what is motivating Mastriano’s behavior. We determine he is a Rambo-Fantastizing, Science-Denying, Freeloader and we break down each of these descriptors… Lewisburg Neighborhoods...

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Cranks-giving- You Can Blame Sam- Headlines, True or False, and Appreciations (s3e19)

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Corona Restrictions and Democratic Dissension(?) (s3e18)

Sam, Dwayne, and Taylor chat about the new COVID-19 restrictions in place and the numbers in PA. We also talk about complexifying the narrative of democratic dissension as outlined in the recent Daily piece that interviewed both AOC and Conor Lamb. Here’s the health forum that Sam talks about! Also, here’s the podcast episode Sam...

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Election Relief, COVID-19 Fears (s3e17)

The barnstorming crew (Taylor, Jordi, Sam, and Dwayne) gets together for the first time after the election! The start off by quickly chatting about the run-off. Next, we talk about what out takeaway headlines from the election. Dwayne looks into his crystal ball and brings up salient, depressing, and realistic problems that Democrats will have...

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Post-Election Hot Takes (s3e16)

Taylor, Jordi, Jacob Feuerstein, and Keith Pemrick talk about how they’re feeling the day after the 2020 election. They talk nationally and then more specifically about Pennsylvania.

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Amanda Waldman (s3e15)

Taylor talks with Amanda Waldman on her candidacy for State House and why it’s important to have a diverse group of legislators from wide variety of backgrounds. She’s running a people-first campaign on rural issues!

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Michele Knoll On Education and Healthcare (s3e14)

Taylor has a discussion with Michele Knoll who is running for State House in District #44. Their talk covers predominantly education and healthcare policy.

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Canvassing Chat (s3e13)

Jordi and Taylor come together for a quick about some bullshit and canvassing stories!

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Joanna Bryn Smith (s3e12)

Taylor chats with Joanna Bryn Smith who is running in Luzerne County’s 120th district. They chat about the diverse set of skills Joanna brings to the table and the types of change she would be interested in seeing in Harrisburg!

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Dispelling The Red Mirage (s3e11)

Sam, Dwayne, Jordi and Taylor team up for a chat about the right-wing infatuation with the Swedish corona response, the goings-on in Pennsylvania politics and presidential campaigns, and election security (with a focus on dispelling the red mirage). Some Links! PA blows past 9M voter registrations! Good memes to combat disinformation! Georgetown Law Resources Just...

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Rural Roundtable with Chris Benson, Chuck Black, and Christian Chludzinski (s3e10)

Taylor interviews Chris Benson who is currently Communications Director for Amanda Waldman’s campaign for PA’s 84th District, Chuck Black who is serving as Finance Director for Amanda Waldman’s and Lee Griffin’s campaigns, and Christian Chludzinski who is the Field Director for Lee Griffin and Jackie Baker who is running for PA Senate in District 23....

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Nancy Guenst: For A Compassionate Government That Serves All With Empathy (s3e9)

Taylor interviews Nancy Guenst and they chat about what the Pennsylvania General Assembly can do for Pennsylvania veterans. They talk about the state of LGBTQ rights in Pennsylvania and what a Democratic majority could accomplish. Throughout, they discuss Mayor Nancy’s journey through politics and why she is equipped to make a difference.

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Deep Dive Roundtable Into PA General Assembly Races with Jamie Perrapato, Stephen Caruso, and Ben Forstate (s3e8)

Jordi and Taylor are joined by Jamie Perrapato, Executive Director of Turn PA Blue, Steve Caruso of the Penn Capital-Star, Ben Forstate, map extraordinaire for a fun and energetic roundtable discussion of the upcoming elections in PA with a focus on the General Assembly. They discuss the effects of the rural BLM protests on PA...

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Ryan Grimm: On Tackling Brain-Drain and developing a Robust, Sustainable Rural Economy (s3e7)

Ryan Grimm and Taylor sat down and talked about how we can tackle brain-drain — he speaks on this both as someone running in a rural area, but also as someone that grew up in a rural area and came back. In addition, they chatted about how we can create a vibrant, rural, sustainable economy....

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Peter Buck: On The Climate Crisis and Rural Resilience

Taylor sits down (virtually) to chat with Ferguson Township Supervisor Peter Buck about his candidacy for State Rep. in the 171st District. They talk about solutions for the climate crisis, rural resilience, and running for office in a conservative area. Check out his website here for more info!

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Katie Evans: On Forging Compromise and Unity (s3e4)

This is a one-on-one with Katie Evans who is running for State Rep. in the 85th District. We talk about her path to victory, how her career prepares her to forge compromise and unity. You can check out her website here.

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The Gang Is Back Together (s3e3)

Sam Pearson, Jordi Comas, Dwayne Heisler, and Taylor Lightman talk about the RBG vigils and the consequences of her death on the election, the recent PA Supreme Court rulings on voting, why the current right-wing framing of ‘rioting’ is wrong, and events going on this week! Action Together NEPA Volunteer Sign-up Form Choose Democracy trainings...

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FauxRage! (s3e2)

Join Taylor and Jordi as they workshop their new idea for a rightwing energy drink, fauxrage! They also discuss early voting, the conservative reaction to white-nationalist graffiti, and the transition integrity project.

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5 Minutes of Actions-Poke Around the Barn

New series Jordi is prototyping covering a few actions in around five minutes. Also a vlog on YouTube- https://youtu.be/j7RiBo6t_ZA Show slides here with links. Key links: Transition Integrity Project:bit.ly/HUB-TIP Rural Phone Bank: bit.ly/RuralVPBA19 Sign up to do voter outreach: bit.ly/HUB-project44k

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New Season Teaser (s35e1)

The path to Pennsylvania Avenue run through…Pennsylvania! Your favorite podcast about rural PA progressive politics is back in action! This is the teaser for our new season. We will interview candidates, civic leaders, and organizers and chat about the upcoming week and how YOU can get involved.

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Corona Quarantine (s3e2)

Dwayne and Taylor talk all things corona, but mostly about healthcare and quarantines! There’s a little quiz at the end about the 1918 flu…

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Season Three Premier (s3e1)

Jordi and returning champ, Jess Steward, talk with Michelle Siegel, candidate for PA State Senate district 27 and her campaign manager, Kristin Volchansky. They are also joined Doug Pagitt from the Vote Common Good team on tour! Doug is seen in the photo with the hat.

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Pre-Debate Teaser with JOlah!

Joey Olah, aka JOlah, who does his own YouTube channel invited us to do a pre-debate show on HIS YouTube Channel. Joey is whip-smart and knows his stuff about politics. We talk about debate format, the founding fathers, and a little bit about why Biden is still on top before our guerrilla studio is shut...

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Stacy Richards- Because Local Matters

Hot off the reel-to-reel, Jordi talks to Stacy Richards, candidate for Union County commissioner in a four way race. We go way back to 2004, and we started there and then covered energy policy, organizational cultures, what counties can do, and her broad experiences in regional collaboration. I helped her wordsmith two slogans: “For what...

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Mister Slaughter Runs For Mayor (s2e30)

Taylor and Jordi follow Derek as he canvasses in Williamsport. He currently is running for Mayor. We discuss the issues and his candidacy. This is a special podcast with actual field recordings and lots of editing by superstar Taylor. Infrastructure, community, and improving local competence dominate the conversation. If you like this kind of podcast...

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The Jim Knight Special (s2e29)

The crew (Taylor Lightman, Sam Pearson, and Jim Buck) host Jim Knight, candidate for East Buffalo Township Supervisor. Topics discussed include Jim’s background, bike & ped. safety, the regional police lawsuit, and the regional fire department.

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Movies, Special Elections, Philosophy and Ben

“Expertise is not a prerequisite to be on this podcast.” We talk about political movies, reflect on the PA-85 spcial election results, existentialism and the burning Amazon rainforest, and, lsof course, some sidetracks into local papers, feminism and gender, fatherhood, and Laphroaig. Ben Highlights: “I am just a lay man.” “What happens if the ignorant,...

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