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Marc Friedenberg and the Road to Congress (ep 37)

Marc joins Jordi and Cyndy Peltier to discuss his open, unedited style of campaigning, his background in technology and law, running in the expansive 12th, Medicare for all, and his feelings about Harry Potter.  Marc is a pure populist building on the themes and issues of the Bernie Sanders campaign and all the other great...

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Judy Herschel and the Road to Congress (ep 38)

“Now is the time for people like myself to be very loud… to go out and find those solutions.”  Judy Herschel, her campaign manager Anne Allen, and her scheduler/brother/photographer/jack-of-all-trades John Zincone stop by one of our many mobile studios.  We dig deep into her early life with 6 siblings, how she got a tattoo, how...

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An Embarrassment of Riches: The Marc and Judy Show in Lewisburg (ep 39)

Jordi is joined by some friends for a rambling and fascinating discussion of the recent Judy Herschel and Marc Freidenberg candidate forum hosted by the League (The  LOWV Lewisburg Area).  After a fun interruption from Ben, we dig into the two candidates and what rural liberals and progressives like us are looking for. The primary...

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Life with a Bully and Civics Awareness (ep 35)

We welcome Sam Pearson as a new Barnstormer!  Aside from being a scotch drinker, she is an architect and community organizer.  Elijah Comas tells us about the upcoming production of Life by Charles Mei at the lewisburg High School on May 11. We talk about Rep Marino’s lawsuit against his own constituents in Williamsport.  This is...

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POST Debate thoughts with PA 12 Dems (ep33)

Thanks to Clinton County Democratic Chair Joe Wentz and debate organizer Rose Reeder for helping us connect to a fun and smart group of PA-12 Democrats.  We pushed our equipment and engineering chops to the limit here.  The background noise is tweaked, but the audio is not great.  We had a few beers and some...

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Judy Herschel v Marc Freidenberg Debate Full Audio (ep32)

Taylor and Jordi travel to Lock Haven PA.  Thanks to some quick learning and borrowed equipment from Will Hayes, we plugged into the sound board and got this great full audio of the FIRST debate between primary candidates in the new 12th district: Marc Freidenberg and Judy Herschel. Both candidates were very polite to each...

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Dancing with Fox, Voter Trends, A Game (real or fake) (ep 30)

We celebrate our 30th episode with a great discussion about how to push back on narratives when a reporter has bought into a false one.  In this case that a wedding store is being “forced to close.”  It is not.  We dig into a great Pew Research report on voter trends.  Listen to learn the...

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Lumpenproletariat Robbery, Herschel and Freidenberg Ads, Chip Rises (ep 29)

We start with the odd experience of the ginko tree’s odor.  Then we do uncovered stories in the news (uniformity clause in PA, Regan’s ex-roommate’s crime, rural poverty, the local LWV rule change), compare the new (and first) ads from PA-12 congressional candidates Marc Freidenberg and Judy Herschel, and the problems of Sinclair news’ partisan...

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Activism and Counter Protest at its Source (ep 28)

We offer a different kind of episode- back to back interviews.  First, we hear from seven (7!) youth who marched in the #MarchForOurLives either in Washington or Lewisburg. Then, we invite Carissa Noll on who talks about being the first person on the scene in Lewisburg for a counter-protest of the “Tradition Family Property” group...

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Tirade of Hyphenates, Grape Nuts, Policy Innovation, and a Confused Right Wing Radio Host (ep 27)

A tirade of hyphenates for the Right: “Deficit-bloating, greedy privatizing, school-closing, selective bible-quoting, truck-nuts dragging, dog-whistling, science denying, pedaphile-embracing, Breitbart-reading, tiki torch-carrying, caviar-eating, porn-star-gagging, hummer-driving, Alex Jones- loving, right-wing clown car!  Drive it out of our county, out of our country.  Go Back to Russia.” “The best part of our podcast is the beginning and...

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LAHS Walk-Out Students are Real Leaders, Greek Politics, and a Game! (26)

We are pleased to have Lydia Matukaitis, Nora Haynos, and Draven Marino, all LAHS students and leaders of the walk-out, join us to speak in their words. They show us that they are “real leaders” as opposed to being pawns as they have been unfairly smeared in national and local media (looking at you Alf...

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Kids Walk-out, Fetterman and Fracking, We Crush on Danny Ojeda (ep 25)

Aesthetic?  Ascetic? Fetterman and Fracking.  Is this a problem?  We discuss ideological purity versus electability.  We gush over populist Danny Ojeda, an inspiring candidate in W Va for congress. Make PETITION forms landscape, FFS! A bipartisan issue! Brought to you by Mondragon Books. Thank you to Billy Kelly for our theme music!

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New Districts, To Endorse or Not, Hang on a Sec with a Letter Defending Slavery With Dwayne (ep 24)

Well, we have our new districts.  Should Democratic county chairpeople endorse in primaries?  We play “hang on a sec” with a letter from a Mifflinburg High School student that seems to defend slavery.  And Blue Ghost fireflies.  So cool. Mifflinburg information. Blue Ghost Fireflies.

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Petitions, The New Maps, Taylor’s New Pad, Critical Thinking (ep 23)

Petition signing and circulating advice.  The PA Supreme Court map is NOT a gerrymander. Chip and Taylor role-play how to talk about guns. This is inspired by the cool people at Hear Yourself Think who introduced Jordi to the idea of 27-9-3-1 (27 words, nine seconds, 3 tactics for reframing, and one idea). Can we ever...

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Who Let The Drug-Sniffing Dog In? And Gerrymander Politics Jordi and Chip (E22)

Jordi reports back on the Susquehanna Valley Conservative Club “Opioid Forum.”  Then we discuss the Republican antics around complying with the court’s order in LWOV v Commonwealth, the PA Gerrymander case.

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Gender-bending Bible figures, Gerrymander win! and Lewisburg Lights with Peterson Toscano and Dwayne (20).

Peterson Toscano and Dwayne Heisler join Taylor and Jordi. We discuss the upcoming summit for The Hub for Progress. The PA Gerrymander case WON! Jordi tries to make everyone else improvise on topics picked randomly which ends up with a discussion of downtown Lewisburg tree lights.  Game of Thrones references abound.  We add “eunuchs” to...

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Marino Insults Professors. Judy Herschel visits Milton. Dwayne “Johnny Appleseed” spreads democracy. (19)

We breakdown Rep Marino’s disastrous town hall in Lewisburg.  At 41:45, he needlessly insults Shari Jacobson for being a professor (decide for yourself).  He also offers an utterly incomprehensible defense of his opioid bill. And Judy Hershel’s visit to the Milton Democracy in Action women.  Dwayne tells us about his efforts to spread how-to-run for...

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What is Rural Organizing? A prolife letter (18)

We discuss “what is rural” in advance of PA Together summit.  Is it code for talking to white folks?  Is it about farmers? Also, we react to Sam Pearson’s highly recommended reading “The Racist Right Looks Left.” Finally, we play “Hang on a sec,” Our game of reading a local letter to the editor (LTE) which...

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The New Year, Public Meeting about BVRA, A Bad Letter (ep 17)

We cover some of our hopes for 2018, the East Buffalo Township Meeting about BVRA, and we play a game where we read a badly written letter-to-the-editor ranting about Obama and stuff. Sorry about the pen-clicking.  Jordi swears to uphold the constitution.

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BVR-exit, interview with Stacy Sommerfield (ep 15)

We interview Stacy Sommerfield, the director of BVRA, about the chaos kicked up by the EBT supervisors’ decision to try to leave at the end of 2018.

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Framing, PA D Party, and Our Favorite Guest Barnstormer Comes Back (episode 14)

Our favorite guest Barnstormer, the velvet-y bass and master organizer, Dwayne Heisler returns! We discuss framing and the PA-Dem party.

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The Man Who Burns Confederate-Nazi Flags, Gene Stilp, Inspirational Provocateur (13)

We interview folk hero, the craftiest activist around, professional gadfly, provocateur extraordinaire, and vegetarian, Gene Stilp.   Photo credit: Vice article. “Meet the Guy Who Burns Confederate Flags at NASCAR Races.”

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Local Election Breakdown, Marino’s Whining, Trump and Wrestling (Episode 11)

Chip finds a sound effect app on his phone and Taylor and Jordi start cringing. After a whirlwind of missed dates among your co-hosts, on Friday we finally coincided in one of our favorite recording spots: The CommunityZone.

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Halloween costumes, indictments, and candidates’ night (not a debate) Episode 10

We try out some costume ideas like our winning “Millard Filmore” costume.  We reflect, but don’t celebrate, the Mueller indictments.  And Taylor and Jordi report on candidates’ night.

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Episode 8 Genevieve Williams, Missouri, and some Yellin’ ‘Bout Bernie

Taylor tracks down a DNC member, Genevieve Williams, from Missouri’s 7th congressional district.  Genevieve ran and lost n the primary in 2014 and then won a three-way primary in 2016 before losing to Billy Long who has NEVER HAD A TOWN HALL, she tells us. Like the Barnstormers, Genevieve loves heartland America and progressive values. ...

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Barnstorming 7: Mike Crossey for PA-18 edition

The whole gang (Chip, Taylor, Jordi) enjoy talking to Mike Crossey, candidate for congress in PA-18 (the fightin’ 18th!). Mike is an affable candidate with loads of experience in education, unions, and local governance. Mike discusses the special joys and challenges of running for the special election in March after Congressman Tim Murphy resigned following...

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Episode 6 Bob Solomon Interview

Jordi and Taylor (minus Chip who is in route from Alabama and a CSA flag burning) interview Dr. Bob Solomon, candidate for congress in PA-18.

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Episode 5- Marino is Toast and Laphroaig

“Post production is the button that says publish.”  We revisit our stellar production values, drink some Scotch, and discuss Tom Marino’s rapid fall from Trumpian grace. How cheap is a Congressperson?  What kinds of sources does Chip have? Will Chris Carney, former Congressman run?  How strong is Judy Herschel?  Will Rick Mirabito run (Lycoming County Commissioner)?...

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